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May. 24th, 2010


Writer's Block: Six-Word Story

Single female seeking Time Traveller Doctor.

Writer's Block: Six-Word Story

Maybe. I. Am. Not. Ready. Yet...

Writer's Block: Six-Word Story

I can. You can. We will.

Writer's Block: Six-Word Story

"Are we together now? and forever?"

Dec. 20th, 2009


My REMEMBRALL, Outstanding section

If any of the links stop working, please leave a comment and I will sent you the story, I have them all in archive.
Oh! I almost forgot!
Disclaimer: I have nothing, I own everything and the rest I leave to those who need it!
Everything here belongs to other people, except my comments. So my profound respect and appreciation goes in advance to J.K. Rowling, and the extraordinary Authors of Fanfiction.

Title: Harry Potter Abridged, With Commentary
Author: Anonymius
Size: long
Summary: The title pretty much says it all...
Comment: I'ts the best abridge HP out there, and I've read some.
Rated: no rating really, just pure comedy.


Title: A Choriambic Progression
Author: Mairead Triste and Aristide
Pairing: HP/SS
Size: long, and I mean long, it's one of those fics that is not simply long in size, but it also feels long as you read it.
Summary: Snape is under a curse and he must stay locked up with Harry, who finds out about some powers he has but doesn't want to use.
Comment: I loved it, what can I say? I'm a big fan of HP/SS but if its not well done it can totally spoil a fic, and at times I did feel that they relationship was progressing way to fast and smoothly, but they were always in character, or at least in plausible character, which is an horribly difficult thing to do. And this story has plot, and I mean A plot. It also has drama, humor, snarky comments by snape and delicious sex scenes.
Thing that defines it: It's Slash, be warned. And kind of Super!Harry.
Rated: R, NC-17, etc.


Title: A Convenient Marriage
Author: Diana Williams
Size: medium
Pairing: HP/SS
Summary: Sometimes a marriage of convenience can become so much more...
Comment: It's the response to a challenge (available with the story), and it won a award. And it's goooood. And that's all you need to know.
Things that define it: Forced Marriage fic
Rated: R, NC-17, Mild references to male-pregnancy.


Title: An Awfully Odd Adventure
Author: DementorDelta
Size: short
Pairing: HP/SS
Summary: In which a classic is defiled and some Lost Boys are found.
(Harry Potter as a Lost Boy, Snape as a certain pirate captain)
Comment: I love DementorDelta's stories, so I'm biased, but this is awesome! really great remake of an old classic. "Peter Pan was never so Irresistible!"
Rated: R, and I would say chan ,but the author says it's "Not chan, despite appearances and multiple references to the word 'boy' " and I would have put it has a PWP, because of all the sex, if it wasn't for the fact that it has a plot, actually it has lost of plot, its just that, it also has lots of sex.





Ok, so I've finally finished sorting trough my fave fics, and decided I'm not gonna put them in alphabetical order or anything like that, I'm just gonna list them up and if you read the summary and comment and like it, you can go a read it.
By the way, most of these fics will be slash, but not all,(they will be properly identified, don't worry)some will even be simply fics with no pairings at all!
Oh! and the PWP's section will be posted at a latter date, for now I will begin posting the OUTSTANDING ones, so that I can get you people hooked!

Nov. 22nd, 2009



I don't know exactly how to do a list but I think I'll organize my list in 5 to 6 parts:
  1. OUTSTANDING: for the best fancfictions (well written, good plot, great characterization, original story ideas, etc)
  2. EXCEED EXPECTATIONS: for the runner ups ( very good fanfitions, but just not "perfect" for me)
  3. ACCEPTABLE: good fanfictions, mostly, they just didn't have that "wow-factor" (or weren't that well written but the idea wasn't that original)
  4. TROLL: just for the laughs! ( no, not crack fics, for crack fics can actually be well written, just very badly written fics or very stupid story ideas, but maybe you will like them... not)
  5. PWP, PLOT-WHAT-PLOT: i'm sorry but there are some very well written!!!
  6. NR, haven't read them yet but they were recommended.
And every one of the fics in each category will, obviously be properly followed by the rating, the pairing (if there is one) the size of the fic, and a short description of the fic (only when it won't spoil the story, if it spoils the story I will just put a good line from the fic, or the idea) a bit like appetizer for the fic!

Tomorrow I will start posting the links to the fics in the OUTSTANDING category!

Nov. 21st, 2009


I've decided to make a HP FANFICTION LIST!

Since as far as I can remember I've always been reading HP fanfictions, and I've always saved the fics or the links, with the objective of rereading sometime in the future.

Since I was raised to admire beautiful things and good literature... and I consider myself a person with "pretty" good taste...
I have arrived to the conclusion that, yes I could make a list, and finally organize my own list (that I keep stored away in my computer, and reread whenever I'm bored).

Oki, so here I was, confronted with the reality of wanting to make a list... But now what? I've never made a list for other people, so I went to the master, (or should I say mistress?) either way the goddess of HP List of Lists, yes I'm referring to

If you don't know who I'm talking about, check the link:

Of course this will take a while, I don't know if I will ever finish it, but I will post my list, and keep adding and adding, and organizing, and in the end maybe I will end up with something worth reading... Who knows?

Either way, I will call this list: My REMEMBRALL, because just like Nevile's remembrall, it will be here to remind me of things, of three things in particular:
  • Those fics which I have forgotten, but should remember, because they are actually pretty good.
  • That the amazing world of HP fanfiction is as endless as the human imagination.
  • Finally, why I love and admire HP fanfiction and fandom.

Jul. 10th, 2009


It's me!

 ...it's me...
 ...on livejournal...HURRAY! or not...
...it's 3 a.m, and i'm bored with nothing good to read...
...save me...
Give me, give me, give a hp fanfic after midnight... (mama mia, for those of you with little to no culture).

i'm me... lot's of people don't like me... screw them.... who cares really?

...My life could be a book, but one of those books that you really don't wanna read, but end up reading anyway, 'cause it has a nice looking cover and a funny name...